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Muntii BUCEGI - 53 trasee
Muntii HASMAS - 19 trasee
Muntii POSTAVARU - 15 trasee
Muntii RETEZAT - 8 trasee
Muntii MEHEDINTI - 4 trasee
Muntii CAPATINII - 4 trasee
Muntii METALIFERI - 3 trasee
Muntii LEAOTA - 3 trasee
Muntii TRASCAU - 2 trasee
Muntii GIURGEU - 1 traseu
Muntii VALCAN - 1 traseu
Muntii PARING - 1 traseu

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Dependenti de Adrenalina
Dependenţi de Adrenalină: Ai încercat escaladările indoor? Fă-ţi curaj şi ia parte la un maraton pe verticală

Beyond Good and Evil
"In the house of pain, we were chained together searching for our truth, beyond good and evil". This quote from Nietzsche inspired Andy Parkin and Mark Twight, the openers of this mixed climbing route, that became a reference. Listed extremely difficult, North oriented, this route was appealing for François Damilano and François Marsigny, the repeaters of the route. Last winter, it was time for the up-and-coming generation, represented by Marion Poitevin and Sébastien Ratel to meet the challenge. Three duos, three experiences, three encounters… echoing the Trilogy alpine series.

Rocklands: a trad diary
In June 2014, Caroline Ciavaldini and James Pearson set off to discover Trad In Rocklands. Originally in search of hard, “cutting edge” new routes, what the couple discovered is perhaps even more valuable! An almost unlimited potential for Trad development, with 1,000’s of new routes to climb! In three weeks the pair barely scratched the surface, but if one thing was clear, it was that this amazing place, a place we all thought we knew, has so much more to give…



Varful Omu
17-10-2021 ora 05:00Fenomen : ceata
Temperatură: -1.3 ºC
Vânt: 4.0 m/s, directia : ENE
Nebulozitate: cer invizibil
Presiune: 750.4 mb, stationara
Umezeală relativă: 98%