Muntii BUCEGI - 53 trasee
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Muntii POSTAVARU - 15 trasee
Muntii RETEZAT - 8 trasee
Muntii CAPATINII - 4 trasee
Muntii MEHEDINTI - 4 trasee
Muntii METALIFERI - 3 trasee
Muntii LEAOTA - 3 trasee
Muntii TRASCAU - 2 trasee
Muntii PARING - 1 traseu
Muntii VALCAN - 1 traseu
Muntii GIURGEU - 1 traseu

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Cel mai mare tavan catarat vreodata Century Crack

Hardest of the Alps
In anul 2010 Iker si Eneko Pou au catarat pe urmele lui Manolo, Alex Huber si Beat Kammerlander

10 Years In Patagonia
Duct Tape Then Beer bring us this incredible amalgamation of clips from Mikey Schaefer s ten years of climbing in Patagonia. Woven together from numerous trips and tens of contributors, this video tells the story of Mikey s mission to establish seven first ascents on the seven major peaks of the Fitzroy range and the relationship he developed with the region during that mission. Along the way, Mikey s attitude to the mountains changed from treating them as enemies to be conquered to the more nuanced relationship he now shares with them. He also became a photographer, made more friends than he can count and had some of the most defining experiences of his life. This is his story, brought to you from Patagonia by Patagonia.