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Muntii LEAOTA - 3 trasee
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Into the light
Stefan Glowacz si Chris Sharma catara un traseu fantastic in Oman in pestera Majlis al Jinn cu dificultati cuprinse intre 7c+ si 8b+

Deep-Water Soloing In Mallorca With Daila Ojeda
The Spanish island of Mallorca has a lot of things going for it – great climbing crags, a beautiful coastline, and amazing people among them. Combine crags, coastline and amazing people and what do you get? Daila Ojeda deep-water soloing on some of the island’s premier psicobloc crags over crystal clear Mediterranean water. In this video we also get a bit of yoga instruction from Olivia Hsu, and Carrie Cooper joins the fun for a couple of big falls into the sea.

Champions: Tommy Caldwell
For rock climber Tommy Caldwell, being a champion isn't about conquering an opponent—it's about conquering yourself.



Varful Omu
17-10-2021 ora 06:00Fenomen : ceata
Temperatură: -1.2 ºC
Vânt: 4.0 m/s, directia : NE
Nebulozitate: cer invizibil
Presiune: 750.6 mb, stationara
Umezeală relativă: 98%