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Calagonone Climbing Experience
Those who’ve been to Cala Gonone, who have swum in the emerald green waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, who’ve explored the harsh Supramonte inland, who’ve climbed the weathered limestone that dominates this beautiful and wild landscape, know that Sardinia always leaves a mark. A deep one. Those who know this all too well are two of the most expert climbers, Spain’s Patxi Usobiaga and America’s Joe Kinder, featured in this beautiful short film directed by Francesco Piras. This is, yes, a climbing film, but above all its a documentary where action is nothing but a pretext to discover and experience a unique reality.That of Sardinia and its people.

Gadd s Still Got It: The Mustang P-51 (M14-)
After a seventeen year hiatus, Will Gadd returned to The Fang Amphitheater in East Vail, Colorado, home of the seminal Jeff Lowe masterpiece, “Octopussy” (M8), as well as Will’s own groundbreaking routes “Amphibian” (M9) and “Reptile” (M10), and made the third ascent of my route “The Mustang P-51” (M14-) on his second attempt, besting our friend, the Korean powerhouse Kwon Young-Hye, who made the second ascent last December in a mere three tries. As with Kwon, Will finished the climb reaching the no-hands ledge with a single bolt anchor atop “The Flying Fortress” (M13), down-climbed a bit, and then jumped off . . . just for fun. Please pardon the length and the roughness of the edit; I wanted to get a long version up fast so Jeff could enjoy an unabridged reminiscence immediately.

ATC-Ghid de folosire
Yes, the ATC-Guide is an advanced belay/rappel device, but with the basic information in the video below you ll learn how to easily utilize the ATC-Guide s superior belay and rappel capabilities, such as how to belay or lower one or two seconding climbers in guide mode with ease and control. Get more info on Black Diamond Equipment s ATC Guide at: