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Arnaud Petit 8b pe mobile
Arnaud Petit Black Bean , 8b pe mobile la Ceuse

Horizons: Hazel and Steve Findlay
Sky 1 gave Cut Media the task to make a film about our bucket list if we had 34 days to live... Rather than thinking about death we decided that Hazel Findlay (who is one of the Worlds top rock climbers), and her father Steve epitomised living for today and are the exact reason why if you live every day to the full then you don’t need a bucket list!

Beth Rodden - Climbing Back
For years Beth Rodden was one of the world's best crack climbers. Until a series of injuries shut her down. Now she's climbing back. Presented by Outdoor Research, with music by Abel Okugawa, James And Blackburn, Yosemite, Uncle Rafa, and Zach Winters.