Muntii CAPATINII - Stogsoare IV
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Traseul Hornul cu Pestera 6A, 7-/7, 5lc din peretele Stogsoare IV din Canton Cheia

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Stogsoare IV - 1 traseu

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Disco 2000
Dave MacLeod, Jacob Cook and Calum Muskett making the first free ascent of Disco 2000 on Blåmman, near Tromso in the northern part of Norway. The pitches were 7b, 8a+, 7a, 8a+, 7c, 7c, 7b+, 7a, 7a, 6a, 6c, 6b+, 5+ and was freed over three days, after aid climbing and working the lower part of the route.