Muntii CAPATINII - Claia Stramba
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Unul din traseele dificile din zona Buila-Vanturarita 6B 10LC

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A day in the life of Team Petzl in Spain
Featuring Dani Andrada, Chris Sharma, Daila Ojeda, Sasha DiGiulian, Nina Caprez.... A video by Joe Kinder A day at the cliff in Catalunya is motivating, inspiring, and always full of energy. With such great crags and some of the most beautiful ambiance the whole package is completed with good friends all trying hard together. We push ourselves, but we push ourselves even more when we are with good company, and that's what this day in Santa Linya was like. It was a day packed with action until the sun set and then it was off to the bar for conversations and stories. The climbing life is a simple life here and a good one. Here is a little glimpse. Enjoy.



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