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a new 5.13 in Indian Creek

Paul Robinson: Red Rockin
After visiting Red Rocks so many times, I cannot believe that there is still so much potential for new boulders to be climbed. Each canyon seems to have a new turn or a new corridor to walk through that lends itself to a new boulder and a new feature that can become a first ascent. Every time I go back to Red Rocks, it never feels stale or like I have done everything. I know that with a little bit more walking and a little bit more exploring there will always be a new line to be done. There is a lifetime of climbing there on some of the best rock in the world. I am already so excited to get back again soon! ~prAna Ambassador Paul Robinson

Dry Tooling M12
This is a summer footage of Alexandar climbing in Grotta Caterina, a line that goes straight through the roof graded M12.



Varful Omu
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