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A Perfect Circle
The Moab desert is full of beautiful, free standing sandstone towers. What could be more practical and aesthetic than free climbing the towers and base jumping off them? With my husband and partner Mario Richard, and our good friends Keith Ladzinski and Jorge Visser, we teamed up to shoot the whole adventure on these beautiful towers and make a movie of some of our favorite base climbs.

Hardest of the Alps
In anul 2010 Iker si Eneko Pou au catarat pe urmele lui Manolo, Alex Huber si Beat Kammerlander

Adam Ondra climbs two of the world's hardest boulder problems, suggesting V16 / 8C+ for both. First, Terranova, an extremely funky traverse at his home area near Brno, Czech Republic. Then Gioia, a problem in Varazze, Italy put up by Christian Core in 2008 and only repeated by Adam. Music by Abel Okugawa, Gramatik, The Gaucho and the Gremlin, and Talvihorros.



Varful Omu
29-03-2020 ora 02:00Temperatură: -7.2 ºC
Vânt: 8.4 m/s, directia : NNV
Nebulozitate: cer senin
Presiune: 742.4 mb, in scadere
Umezeală relativă: 93%