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Adam Ondra - Change - Backstage movie
DOCUMENTARY ABOUT THE BACKGROUND OF THE UPCOMING MOVIE CHANGE "October 4th 2012, Flatanger, Norway. After incredible 3-month battle, Adam Ondra makes the first ascent of the new world´s hardest route. Adam names it Change and suggests the magic grade of 9b+. The limit of human´s possibilities has been shifted and the long adventurous trip of a few friends to the northern Europe slowly comes to the end..." Detailed info: WWW.CHANGE-MOVIE.COM But was this epic journey just about climbing? No, not at all. This won´t be a next typical climbing movie. So what it will be about? Here is a "small" 24 minutes long hint. Filmed and directed by Petr Pavlicek Duration: 24 min Bernartwood 2013 -



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