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Arc teryx - MOVE
"We all try to be busy instead of being alive, busy instead of getting out and breathing, busy sending useless texts instead of walking in the woods with our kids or introducing them to life's joys. We move information instead of simply moving," says Arc'teryx athlete Will Gadd in this ode to action and movement. Acknowledging how hard it is to carve out time for exercise in our daily lives, Gadd's passionate words remind us how important it is to get outside, breathe hard, and create meaning through movement. After all, as Gadd says, "Life's more fun when you move."



Varful Omu
16-12-2018 ora 16:00Fenomen : ninsoare
Temperatură: -4.3 ºC
Vânt: 20.0 m/s, directia : SE
Nebulozitate: cer invizibil
Presiune: 744.5 mb, variabila
Umezeală relativă: 96%
Strat zăpadă : 82 cm la ora 08
Clasament Escalada
11 390 - D Rosca
11 127 - G Stancescu
9 220 - O Alexandru
Clasament Bouldering
8 550 - O Alexandru
6 450 - V Cretu
5 439 - D Baias
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